Slow down your time

Let the salt bring vitality of the ocean to our beauty and wellness.


YJ Kwon is a Seoul based entrepreneur who founded ReSaltZ to educate the world about Korean salt-based beauty rituals and wellness therapy.


YJ struggled with chronic migraines in her previous hectic, career-driven life. While she found joy in the glamorous busyness of her work, she also yearned for moments of self-care, healing, and reflection. One night, while attempting to alleviate her usual severe headaches, YJ discovered remarkable relief through a half-body bath (반신욕 / 半身浴).

A respite to pamper and nurture myself. Regular salt baths not only significantly diminished headaches and stress but also rejuvenated her tired skin and body, restoring balance. More importantly, the time spent in the salt bath became her much-needed conscious ritual for self-care and introspection.

The half-body bath, infused with salt and traditional Korean herbal remedies, evokes special memories for YJ. Her grandfather was a Korean herbal doctor, and her mother used to prepare warm salt baths with his medicinal recipes whenever YJ was sick or having skin rashes as a child. The aroma of medicinal herbs in the soothing hot steam epitomized the holistic healing experience for YJ and came to symbolize her mother’s love and care.

As YJ delved deeper into the properties of salt, she uncovered even more of its remarkable wellness benefits. While salt is often taken for granted as one of the most common ingredients we consume daily, its impact on our lives is profound and far-reaching.

In YJ’s words, “The ocean is intricately intertwined with all living beings. Is it merely coincidence that water covers 70% of the Earth's surface, reflecting the composition of our bodies? ReSaltZ incorporates unique salt from the pristine coastal regions of Bigeumdo Island in Korea into its products. Our goal is to offer a moment of serenity as you immerse your body in a salt bath, reminiscent of the salinity of maternal amniotic fluid, allowing you to experience ineffable, primal comfort and healing."

Everyday, YJ begins her day with a mission to introduce this new beauty ritual, powered by salt and herbal remedies for our mind and body. She is determined to share the immune-boosting, skin-rejuvenating, and mind-nourishing benefits of ReSaltZ products.