When you take care of your body and mind, time moves slower.

Moments for yourself are precious, and with ReSaltZ, every minute is made to last. Let our aromatic salt baths to soothing skincare rituals nourish you from the outside in. Let the rejuvenating power of pristine Korean sea salt bring you back to you. Let yourself slow down time. 

  • 1. ReSaltZ Wellness

    ReSaltZ channels the power of salt, the super mineral of the earth, to bring healing to the world. Once revered as “white gold,” salt’s rejuvenating qualities are harnessed in every one of our skincare and wellness products, designed to restore your beauty and balance.

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  • 2. Korean Mineral Salt

    Enter coordinates 34.7616° N 125.9288° E into your map search - You will find Bigeumdo, a very small island in Korea known as the island of salt. ReSaltZ aims to modernize the use of salt, which has been widely utilized throughout human history for health, skincare, and beauty purposes.

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  • 3. Herbal Remedies

    The applications of ReSaltZ products are inspired by Dongeui Bogam’s acupuncture principles, encouraging massage practices for various pressure points on the face and body and using salt soaks to promote qi.

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Gua Sha shaped soap is so genius...!!! Why did I buy it only now? Just massage a little bit a day and it will relieve your fatigue and reduce neck pain. This product is perfect for me!

Hyejin Kim

It's the best cream I've ever used. I finally settled on the cream. Please sell it forever.


I think I used about half of it. It's amazing that the soap doesn't soften and keeps its shape! After using this, I have no need to use any other shampoo. It would be better if you also use a conditioning bar!

Jaehee Choi

100% satisfaction bath salt with natural essential oils <3 On days when my whole body is tired, it has become my ritual to take warm water, add Resoltz bath salts, and take a half-body bath for about 15 minutes. As I entered my 30s, I started looking for a sure way to relieve my fatigue. The best thing you can do at home is to take a half-body bath often. It is a product that I am 100% satisfied with because I can use it with confidence as it contains natural essential oils and gently spreads over the entire body while also providing moisture. In particular, Rosé Sunset, which contains bokbunja ingredients, is fun because the ingredients melt when crushed by hand. The design is also pretty, so it works well as a bathroom interior accessory. To conquer your happiness, be sure to enjoy half your appetite with ReSaltZ.


Amber Blush.. I think it will be a must-have item in winter.. It is a soft and warm cotton floral scent that I especially like and attract in winter. I received it as a gift and I liked it so much that I decided to give ReSaltZ hand cream as a gift to my friends this Christmas!!!!


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