Salt Therapy Cleansing Bars

Anti-Stress lymphatic massage cleansing rituals

Start and end your day with ReSaltZ Salt Therapy Cleansing bars, crafted in the shape of a Gua Sha tool.

In the morning, use it to massage away puffiness and eliminate toxins from the lymph nodes from overnight. In the evening, employ it to relax tense facial muscles and alleviate stress.

The bar soap's distinctive design is tailored for lymphatic drainage, targeting different pressure points on the face and enhancing blood circulation.

This daily ritual offers benefits beyond personal hygiene — it serves as a mental detox and stress-reliever.

Bar type solid cleanser for healthy skin and the environment. 

A new way of cleansing ritual with lymphatic massage

  • For a healthier cleansing ritual, we utilized a cold-press method to maximize the nutritious oil content in our cleansing bars, unlike conventional liquid cleansers filled with chemical ingredients and preservatives. 
  • The unique Gua Sha-shaped design of our soap enables lymphatic massage while cleansing, targeting various pressure points. This massage aids in relieving puffiness and stress in both the body and face.